General Election 2017


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Green candidates in Cheshire East:
Congleton - Alec Heath

Alec Heath

Alec Heath has been selected as the Green Party’s candidate to contest Congleton in the general election this June.  Alec, who also stood here for the Greens 2015, is a Master Mariner who lives in his home-town of Alsager when he is not at sea. Alec says:
“The Government is taking us away from friends and neighbours. All around us, the world seems more troubled and divided. We are heading for a worse deal for the poorest in society. We are heading for more wars in distant places, wars that don’t make sense.
“Newspapers and media give us simple stories, but they are not always true. They want us to abandon our traditional British mindset of opportunity and freedom. They want us to see enemies where there are people in need.
“The UK is not the leader any more, not in science, education, social welfare, healthcare or manufacturing. The UK has failed to lead the world towards a more sustainable future, with feeble responses to crises in air quality, housing, renewable energy supply and the automation of the workforce.
“The Green Party will build a safer future, using natural renewable energy. For us, everyone’s views matter. A democracy of shared views is the future. Everyone is born equal and should have rights to free education through their life. We need a simple and better funded community healthcare. We don’t want front line public servants like the NHS and the Police always left to pick up the pieces.
“As the Green Party MP for Congleton, I would offer both my constituents and the country a passionate and driven individual. Like a dog with a bone, I will not give up on the Green Party’s values. And the Green Party’s values are the British values of integrity, compassion and honesty.
“My family have lived and worked in the constituency for generations. I was educated here and my home is here. I have been fortunate enough to have travelled the world with work. I have had the chance to experience how other cultures live and thrive. But my heart is always in Cheshire.
“I am part of a party you can trust. A party that will never sacrifice principle for political gain. We are proud to be from the United Kingdom, we have a great history. But all is not well, either for citizens of Great Britain or people all over the world. We all deserve better. I want to build on the Green Party’s objectives to restore trust in our politics and government. I want to create a society we can all be proud of.”
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Eddisbury - Mark Green

Mark Green

It’s clear that something is going very wrong in the way things are done.
Successive British and other Governments have built economic policies around increasing consumption using our planet’s finite resources. We see the impact of this in images around the world of the devastation of forests to grow Palm Oil, and extreme weather conditions linked to Climate Change.
And the impact is also being felt closer to home, as the desire for ever more reserves of fuel has led to Cheshire’s focus for Fracking – literally splitting open the ground to release gas.
In this world people seem to be forgotten. Globally we have refugees fleeing wars being turned away, and increasing division and nationalism as rulers seek to impose their will on the people.
In Britain we have zero and minimum hour contracts for the lowest paid that make it impossible to plan a budget and life; cuts to benefits supporting the most vulnerable; a health service where despite the best efforts of doctors and nurses patients are suffering, and an education system that cuts funding to the schools we send our children to.
I believe there is a different way of doing things, and I’m standing to make a difference. I am standing for the things that matter, the people of this country and the world; I’m standing for a properly funded education
system that doesn’t land our children with a lifetime of debt; I’m standing for a housing policy that ensure everyone has fair access to a safe and secure roof over their heads; I’m standing for policies that protect and
enhance the planet we live on.
I’m standing for the things that matter. If they matter to you, then please stand with me and vote Green.


Macclesfield - James Booth

James Booth

I am standing because I am passionate about the environment and animal welfare. I want a fair society for all. I feel that it is time for me to stand up and make a difference.
The Green vision is of a more equal society. We want a greener safer future for everyone. This is within our reach and it is affordable.
I want the green belt protected. Clearly we should care for the countryside and for its precious wildlife. In the Macclesfield and Poynton areas, we are threatened by the development of the green belt and the loss of habitats of many species, some of which are protected or even endangered. The current planning structure is not meeting the needs of first time buyers; houses under construction tend to be luxury homes. But we do need more homes, these should be good quality, affordable and sited close to public transport.
Our National Health Service is good value and has served us well. It needs to be properly funded and the Green Party would put much more money into the service. We would keep what is working and review and reshape what is not working. So I say, ‘Yes’ to more funding, but ‘No’ to wasted resources.
In Macclesfield, we are well served with regular direct trains to London, which take only 1 hour 40 minutes. Let’s be realistic about the cost and benefit of HS2. There will be little or no real benefit to people who commute from Macclesfield and a strong possibility that the Macclesfield service to London will be at a reduced level once HS2 is up and running. The implementation of HS2 will cause devastation to the countryside and many valuable habitats here and in other parts of the country. I am totally against HS2.
The Green Vision is for EU reform and no Brexit. Greens believe that when the Article 50 talks with the EU are complete, the British people should be offered a choice with 'Remain in the EU' on the table.
Macclesfield is a great place to live or work, but there are some areas in Macclesfield where people are living in real poverty. It is absolutely essential that we work to improve the lives and aspirations of these undervalued people. We need to share in the benefits of our great town.
I have lived in the local area for over 30 years. Professionally, I am a barrister, specialising in representing victims of industrial disease in the workplace. I am a trustee of St. Michael’s Church in the Marketplace, Macclesfield, as well as being the assistant manager of local amateur football team, St. Peter’s.
I helped to run the youth group at All Saints on Brough Street West, and worked as a volunteer at Cre8 on the Moss Estate. I am a member of the Macclesfield churches’ Eco-Group. We campaign on issues such as climate change, and we are working on local green solutions.
I would be honoured to be elected to take us into the future. I can make a real difference to the way we live, which will benefit future generations.


Tatton - Nigel Hennerley

Nigel Hennerley
It is time for real change in Tatton.
What we need now is a local MP who will put Tatton residents first. For too long we have been represented by celebrity and those more motivated by self interest.
I am a local candidate, resident in High Legh, Knutsford, for 20 years. I understand the value of our countryside. My aim is to represent all of the residents of Tatton, for the common good.
The Green Party's vision, my vision, is of a prosperity built on sustainability. This will not cost the earth, and it will be fair for everyone.
My vision is of a land with room for farmers, ancient woodlands, and wildlife. Our farmers and food growers need to be supported, not threatened by High Speed Rail and Fracking. Even the Cheshire Show grounds in Tabley are not safe from current plans for HS2.
My vision is of a land that cares for us all, with a high standard of healthcare and a share in our wealth for everyone. Right now, our services have been cut and will continue to be cut under our present government. This choice is hitting young mums, those dependent on disability payments and care, our NHS, even local bus services in our rural areas.
The Green Party stands for EU reform and no Brexit. Greens believe that when the Article 50 talks with the EU are complete, the British people should be offered a choice with 'Remain in the EU' on the table. Whatever happens next, post EU Referendum we need an MP to speak up for Tatton and not allow our constituency to become a sacrifice zone.
Stand up for the Green Party, for a bolder, bigger, brighter future.


James Booth, Green Party candidate for Macclesfield

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