Green Party candidates for the Cheshire East election of 2 May 2019.

Alderley Edge - 1 seat

Keith BoxerKeith Boxer

Keith has lived in Alderley Edge for over 15 years and has three daughters who care passionately about nature, the environment and animal welfare.

Much of Keith's professional life as an architect has been working with projects that promote environmental sustainability and tackle climate change. Alderley and other parts of Cheshire currently face a loss of greenbelt to housing development. In order to help tackle climate change and preserve the natural environment it is important that policies are put in place to ensure that environmental impacts from new developments, such as CO2 emissions and the loss of biodiversity, are kept to a minimum. Two of Keith's daughters will be of voting age this year. He feels strongly that that there should be a Green candidate on the ballot paper in Alderley. Particularly for the younger members of our community, for whom the Green Party might more closely reflect their own views and who may wish to use their vote to demonstrate support for Green issues.

Alsager - 3 seats

Hilary RobinsonHilary Robinson

Hilary has had a lifelong interest in wildlife and environmental issues, which first led her to stand for the Green Party in 2011. She has served for eight years on Alsager Town Council, and is now standing for Cheshire East Council.

During her time as a councillor, she has served on the Planning, Finance, and Civic & Services committees, with an excellent attendance record. She acted as Chairman of Alsager Town Council in 2016-7.

Hilary is a retired software engineer, having worked for International Computers Ltd for thirty years. She has lived in Alsager for 42 years, and her four children all attended Pikemere School then Alsager School. Since retirement, Hilary has become very active in local organisations, especially those concerned with gardening, open spaces and wildlife.

Hilary believes that, despite the current chaotic state of party politics in the UK, we must not lose sight of the vital and urgent environmental issues facing us.

Broken Cross and Upton (Macclesfield) - 2 seats

David MayersDavid Mayers

David is a retired teacher passionate about the environment and sustainability. He lives 10 metres outside the ward, having lived happily inside until the boundary moved about 10 years ago. David is a keen cyclist and spends much of his time avoiding pot-holes and reporting them to Cheshire East.  This is a massive problem and a big deterrent to cycling in Macclesfield. David enjoys growing fruit and veg on his allotment and in the garden; and supports Food4Macc and other initiatives aimed at encouraging people to grow their own.

David is a Christian, and tries to work out the right relationship between his faith and actions. He's a member of the core team behind Macctastic, the community organisation seeking to make Macc more sustainable and a better place to live in. David believes that the Green Party has the right policies and approach to transform local politics; and on a national and global scale begin the drastic economic changes we need to save us from the imminent climate disaster.

Crewe East - 3 seats

Melanie EnglishMelanie English

Melanie has been a member of the Green Party since just before the 2015 General Election, which was when she first put her name on the local elections ballot slip on behalf of the Green Party. She's honoured to be standing again in 2019.

Melanie has lived in Crewe East for 14 years, moving from Berkshire. She is married with 3 children and a step-daughter, all of whom, have been educated at various levels in the area. Melanie birthed her youngest son in Leighton Hospital 12 years ago.

Melanie is self employed as a childminder and birth and post-natal Doula. She is a trustee for a national charity, currently in the set-up phase, and a co-facilitator of the Crewe Positive Birth Movement Group. The Green party ethos of practical sustainability and compassion are a natural extension of her own passion for supporting and encouraging human connection, to each other and to our environment at every level. We have an international climate emergency, but also many local issues where the Green Party can really make a difference.

Particularly at the current time, Melanie's political aspirations are to:

  • Promote the urgent regeneration of Crewe Town Centre, so that it works sustainably for everyone.
  • Protect and improve our already excellent local maternity and post-natal services.
  • Support the provision of excellent Mental Health services in our local area.
  • Improve local education provision and funding.
  • Improve end of life/social care in the area.
  • Promote ethical, honest & open local government.
  • Ensure support and respect for vulnerable groups of people in our community.
  • Support the campaign to remove fracking from Cheshire East.

 In her spare minutes, Melanie enjoys reading widely, cooking and baking, being outside with her kids, gardening, social media and occasionally writing stuff.

Dane Valley - 2 seats

Rob GreenRobert Green

Rob Green is standing for the first time, though he's had concerns for our natural environment for a long time. When young Rob spent many summers, and a few winters, working on Cheshire farms, before careers in IT and in education. His formative years gave him a deep appreciation of nature and how by working with it we can lead more fulfilled lives. Although there are many environmental challenges facing us globally, Rob believes that if we all act at a local level we can do our bit to address these and at the same time create a happier and healthier area in which to live.

Rob has resided in Holmes Chapel for nearly 20 years, and has two children who have benefited from the education provided by the excellent local schools. Rob has helped campaign on issues such as the Byley gas plant and the HGV traffic through Holmes Chapel village, and was instrumental in setting up and maintaining an allotment and orchard for the Hermitage Primary School children. He would like to do more now at a political level, as he believes Dane Valley faces the ever increasing challenges of unsustainable development, impact on local services, traffic volumes and pollution. If elected Rob would address these issues by the promotion of shared green spaces, walkways and cycle routes, and a focus on sustainable development for the benefit of all.

Haslington - 2 seats

Te Ata BrwonTe Ata Browne

Te Ata is originally from New Zealand and moved here in 2001, having an environmental awareness from a young age and growing concern for our planet has led her to get involved with the Green Party. Te Ata has a background in woodland planting and management, also an avid beekeeper with passion to stop their decline.  She supports all of the Green Party's wildlife, habitat and species protection policies and would like to see them put into action! 


Louise Jewkes

Louise Jewkes

Louise is married with four children. She lives in Haslington. Louise is also a counsellor. Her ultimate aim in life is to make the world a better place, starting with reversing the effects of climate change as it is one of the most pressing issues that face us today. 

She believes, as always, that one person can make a monumental difference. Politics needs to be more cooperative: all voices should be listened to, and she intends to listen and take action. 

Outside of counselling, Louise spends her free time painting and gardening. She also regularly takes part in volunteering for mental health as well as getting involved with Crewe's events. For example, Louise helped out with Lumen, Traction, and Creative Crewe, all in 2018.


High Legh - 1 seat

Nigel HennerleyNigel Hennerley

The Cheshire countryside is under threat like never before.  Licensed for fracking since 2016 and currently destined for a HS2 route which would leave the area damaged beyond repair for evermore.  It is now or never for the people of High Legh to vote to save our environment.  A vote for our climate and preservation of our wildlife.



Knutsford - 3 seats

Charlie Abbott Booth

Macclesfield Central - 2 seats

John KnightJohn Knight

John has has lived in Macclesfield with his family for over 16 years. Originally from Stockport, he worked for more than 30 years for the Trade Union movement, before taking early retirement in 2016.

John says: "This May, voters in Macclesfield Central have a real choice - let the same old parties continue running Cheshire East Council, or vote for real change.

"Green councillors will fight for:-

“20 is plenty”:- reduced 20mph speed limits in towns would make our narrow crowded streets much safer for pedestrians - including children and disabled people - as well as drivers and passengers.  Less stopping and starting, speeding up and slowing down would also mean less fuel emissions polluting the air we breathe.

"Safer cycling:- many more people would cycle rather than drive if they felt safe doing so.   With few, poorly-maintained cycle lanes and the roads badly potholed, cyclists can feel like they are taking their lives in their hands.  We need a usable network of safe cycleways - as a start, how about making the path alongside the River Bollin accessible to cyclists to create a safe & pleasant route from Macclesfield to Prestbury?

"Recycling:- all residents - including those living in flats - should be allowed to recycle.  Cheshire East Council should work with landlords and building managers to make sure recycling facilities are available for everyone.

"Protect green spaces:- instead of building shops and luxury houses all over our open spaces, we should make far more use of underused, empty and derelict buildings and other “brownfield” sites to provide affordable housing in town, near to shops, jobs and public transport.

"Green councillors are not “whipped” like those of other parties - they are free to speak out and act on behalf of their constituents."


Charlie Keller

Macclesfield East - 1 seat

Lindy BrettLindy Brett

Lindy is deeply concerned about our way of life which stresses us and damages the environment. A vote for the Green Party is a vote which puts the environment first. As a Green councillor my priorities would be the natural world and social justice. Local councils do not hold the strings of power, but they can make changes that are significant if small, and support the voices of local people, who are the experts in their area.

Lindy has worked in education and astronomy and lives in Macclesfield.

Macclesfield Hurdsfield - 1 seat


James Booth

James Booth

James is standing as your Green Party candidate as he is passionate about the environment, animal welfare and social justice.  In Macclesfield we are threatened by the development of the green belt and the loss of valuable habitats of many species, some of which are protected or even endangered.  James is against HS2 – what is the point for the sake of a 10 to 20 minute saving on a journey to London – let’s be realistic about the cost and benefit. There are some areas in Macclesfield where people are living in poverty, and it is absolutely essential that we work to improve the lives and aspirations of all people. 

James is the Secretary (from January 2017) and Elections Officer (from January 2018) of the Cheshire East Green Party. He stood in the 2017 General Election for Macclesfield, and also has campaigned in Poynton in 2015 supporting our candidate for councillor, actually his mum, and in Macclesfield Central from 2017 to 2019 (ongoing) on behalf of our candidate, John Knight.

James is standing for Hurdsfield in the upcoming local elections in Cheshire East.  He has helped to lead a campaign for recycling facilities for the Pennine Court and Range Court flats in Hurdsfield, which is starting to bear fruit after much effort!  Having stood as a General Election candidate for Macclesfield, there have been a number of opportunities to follow up with people post-election with regard to Green ideas / solutions.  James is a trustee of St Michael’s Church, Macclesfield (from 2012), as well as being the assistant manager of an amateur football team, St Peter’s, who play at Windmill Street, Macclesfield (from 2015).  He helps to run a youth group at St Michael’s (from 2007), and is also a trustee of Cre8 (from 2017), which works to help disadvantaged young people from the Moss Estate, Macclesfield. James is a member of the Macclesfield churches’ Eco-Group (from 2017), which campaigns on issues such as climate change and is working on adopting green solutions at a local level, for example, solar panels on St Michael’s roof as an energy source. 

James is a barrister (from 2006), specialising in representing people who have sustained serious injuries, having worked previously in Chambers in Manchester and now in-house in Manchester.



Macclesfield Tytherington - 2 seats

Walter HoustonWalter Houston

Walter came to Macclesfield 11 years ago after retirement from his University job, and settled in the Coare Street area of Tytherington Ward. He joined the Green Party about the same time. Walter is deeply concerned about the way we are trashing the earth. No other party is taking it seriously enough, and that is why he's standing in the ward as a Green Party candidate for Cheshire East and Macclesfield Town councils.


Poynton East and Pott Shrigley - 2 seats

Renaud ClaireRenaud Claire

Renaud is an assistant buyer and has been a Green Party member for the last four years. He originally come from France but has lived in and around Manchester for the past six years after studying at the University of Manchester.  

The Green Party is the only party which is fully committed to protect the environment and to build a case for a more open society. At a local level we aim at protecting habitats and the environment first. Issues such as green belt developments rarely take those into account, neither to they take into account public access to local amenities.  

Most of the younger generations who cannot vote today will be suffering the effect of climate change, it is our role to act now and try to control the damage that has already been done.


Poynton West and Adlington - 2 seats

Kathy Booth

Andrew Hall

Sutton - 1 seat

Karen DownardKaren Downard

Karen's a teacher of English as a second language, and a campaigner for Fairtrade and global development.

She's lived in Macclesfield since 1993 and loves the beauty of the area.

Karen is standing because she wants people to be able to vote Green and say that they care about our environment, about the serious threat of climate change and about the effects of austerity and inequality on our communities.


Willaston and Rope - 1 seat

Richard Bennett

Wilmslow Dean Row, Wilmslow East, Wilmslow West and Chorley

Cheshire East Green Party has decided to stand down in these three Cheshire East seats and urges all Wilmslow residents who support the Green Party to support the Residents of Wilmslow candidates. 

At this time, when catastrophic climate breakdown becomes ever more likely, a clear "Green" voice is ever more necessary at all levels of UK politics.  In local politics the Green Party proposes policies such as reducing car use by improving local public transport and increasing traffic-free cycle routes. We should be building more social housing and starter homes so our young people have somewhere to live.  Cheshire East should be subsidising thermal insulation of our existing housing stock to reduce energy useage.  In Wilmslow, we need to preserve, not build on, our existing green spaces and Lindow Moss should be restored to its natural state.

The Conservative dominated East Cheshire council has consistently failed to implement any of these policies. The Green Party wishes the Conservative dominance should be reduced. Our antiquated voting system means the Green Party's best approach in Wilmslow is to stand down in favour of prospective candidates who support Green Party policies such as Residents of Wilmslow.  The Green Party nationally is campaigning for a modern voting system in all elections so that elected representatives are more proportional to the votes cast and our politics becomes less confrontational and more collaborative.

Wistaston - 2 seats

Kim HeyesKim Heyes

Dr Kim Heyes is standing in the Council Elections to represent Wistaston. She is a member of the Green Party, not just due to the inept ‘main two’ parties, but because of the fantastic policies that the Green Party have always had. The most obvious ones at the moment are those of sustainability and climate change. Wistaston people are going through constant battles with building and planning permission, Kim will fight against new planning applications for the area and help the council to seek better solutions to the housing problems in Cheshire East. She is also a keen advocate for us to use our green spaces more effectively. Kemble Close (near Pebble Brook) for example, should be a nature reserve, but for years, the pond has been dried up and invasive plant species are taking over the area. Kim has already been looking at help for this area, which may be forthcoming soon! If there are any other Wistaston areas in need of support, please let Kim know. There are a number of fantastic groups already working in Wistaston to help with environmental issues, it would be great to hear from them to see what can be done to help as an academic and councillor.

About Kim:

  • She is an academic in the Policy Evaluation and Research Unit at ManMet (in Manchester), and has just completed a PhD in Mental Health and Community Psychology. Previous to this, She taught on the undergraduate courses of Abuse Studies and Psychology at the ManMet Cheshire Campus for 5 years.
  • Kim has lived in Wistaston for the last 8 ½ years, and Willaston and Nantwich before that
  • Kim went to Malbank School and Sixth Form.
  • Kim and her husband between them have 6 children aged from 6 to 31 years old.

Kim is standing for councillor as she could not stand by and let Labour and Conservatives do nothing for us once again. Our own Cheshire East Council is corrupt and she's willing to make a stand against the few who are making decisions without listening to the majority.

Kim hopes you will join the millions of people around the world who are starting to put their own Green Party candidates into Government (and even power!). Vote Green and send a message to the UK Government that we are fed up with playing their games. It’s time for action.


Green Party Programme for Local Government

The Government’s ideological commitment to austerity has seen £50 billion cut from council services since 2010. These cuts - forced through from Westminster - have closed libraries, forced councils to sell public land and laid off the council staff that collect litter, repair roads and care for older people. The cross party Local Government Association estimates that councils face a further shortfall of £8 billion by 2025 with the most basic of services being eroded, decimating our communities.

A vote for the Green Party in May is a vote against such outdated, disastrously imposed establishment thinking. It is a vote for a new, fresh approach.

The Green Party is committed to campaigning to restore the £50 billion of public money taken from councils – having Greens elected to councils will send a strong message to Westminster that people have had enough of losing cherished local services.

At a local level, having Greens on your council means having champions for investment in local services, fighting to improve public spaces, increase access to social housing and to provide more walking, cycling and public transport opportunities.

It means having councillors looking beyond the tired stock answers and convention-sapped ambitions of the establishment parties. Green councillors embrace the new and relish the bold; harnessing resident’s skills and trusting local knowledge to solve local challenges, from declining high streets to under resourced public transport.

Unlike councillors from the establishment parties, Greens are not subject to a Party whip that orders them to vote according to the needs of the party machines and their colleagues in Westminster. This means they are free to put the residents they represent front and centre, and to fight without fear of favour for their interests - and the radical solutions that will make their lives better.