Grayling’s plans for HS2 a colossal waste of precious resources, Greens warn

25 October 2016

The Green Party has branded the Transport Secretary's plans to press ahead with HS2 a ‘colossal waste of precious resources’.

Responding to Chris Grayling's speech at the Conservative Conference, Cheshire East Green Party Convenor John Knight said:

“It is unbelievable that the Transport Secretary is pressing ahead with plans for HS2 in the face of all the evidence that the project is a colossal waste of precious resources.

“The line will shave minutes off journeys from Crewe and Manchester to London while spelling an end to direct services from Macclesfield and Wilmslow.  HS2 is channelling funding away from where it’s really needed - providing people with improved local rail connections between our towns and cities across the country.”

John also said Chris Grayling's appeal for Britain to become a hub for driverless cars is ‘verging on the ridiculous’.

He added:

“The fact that Grayling is calling for more of any type of car, let alone driverless, is verging on the ridiculous. All cars create congestion and air pollution.  Far better to invest in buses and other public transport options for local journeys to make mobility available to people who are older or those with disabilities wherever they may live.

“If Grayling really cared about disabled people he would invest in proper access on public transport instead of proposing more vehicles for our already overcrowded road network.”

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