Bollington - a Green view

19 January 2017

 Richard Purslow

Richard Purslow - Green Party candidate for Bollington

The Green Party - along with many others - is appalled by Cheshire East Council’s decision to end funding for buses from Bollington to Tytherington School.  The local Conservative councillor was moved to resign his position in protest at the Conservative council’s decision.  People need to get to their places of work and study safely, by bike, bus or on foot.  The Middlewood Way offers a good traffic-free link to Tytherington and Macclesfield, but it needs to be made safer for walkers and cyclists, with improved lighting and police patrols at times when students are travelling to and from school.  The Tytherington School bus must be reinstated; furthermore, Bollington needs a transport plan that focuses on reducing reliance on private cars. The town needs better public transport generally, including evening and Sunday services.

The Greens argue that a secure and affordable place to live is a basic human right.  As the UK population grows, every community is accepting its share of new houses, and Bollington isn't any different.  Residents have indicated their desire to keep development on brownfield sites and to protect the green belt.  New housebuilding must be sustainable and attractive, and available to key workers and young families.  Increased housing provision does not have to automatically lead to a rise in the number of private cars, causing congestion and a parking crisis.

Green belt isn't just attractive to look at. With wildlife in mind, the Greens want a Biodiversity Strategy to enhance the wild spaces around the town. The Greens want to see an increase in the area of woodland around Bollington.

Bollington isn't an island. It needs cultural as well as transport connections (and to keep its library open!). With Brexit looming it is more important than ever that there are European exchange visits, especially for young people.

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