Mark Sharkey is Green Party candidate in the Bunbury by-election

6 March 2018

Mark Sharkey candidate for Bunbury Ward.

I have lived in Bunbury Ward for over 35 years having brought up my family here.


Our local schools are under pressure and should be funded properly. Local Authorities need to be able to build new schools as required and not have to hand them over to the private sector (academies) to exploit.


Local housing needs to be affordable for local people and should conform to the best environmental standards. This would

  • save residents money
  • cut imports of gas and oil
  • improve air quality
  • help in the war on climate change.


We need to encourage people to walk and cycle more by improving foot and cycle paths. As many rural communities have no or infrequent public transport we need better bus and electrified rail services not HS2. Local people travel to Crewe, Tarporley and Nantwich far more often than to London and generally by car as there is no alternative.



Cheshire East does well at recycling but we need to do much more, especially regarding plastic. Businesses and retailers need encouraging to remove plastics from packaging.


We must say no to fracking Nationally and Locally. The long term consequences are not fully known but include health issues and water pollution as well as impacting on climate change.


Are we heading for an insect and hedgehog free Cheshire East? Both are in serious decline. We need to retain hedgerows despite the changing face of agriculture. These provide important wildlife corridors between less developed sites.

Health and NHS

Appropriate levels of funding are required to provide our NHS and social care, particularly as we are an ageing borough. Without it, most of us will face a bleak future in terms of health care.

Vote Green 22 March 2018 and send a message to the current administration that a complete change is needed.

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