Green Party - 20 candidates give Cheshire East voters a real choice

22 April 2019

This May, voters in Macclesfield, Crewe, Poynton, Knutsford and many other parts of Cheshire East have a real choice - let the same old parties continue running Cheshire East Council, or vote for real change.

Green councillors will fight for:-

“20 is plenty”:- reduced 20mph speed limits in towns would make our narrow crowded streets much safer for pedestrians - including children and disabled people - as well as drivers and passengers.  Less stopping and starting, speeding up and slowing down would also mean less fuel emissions polluting the air we breathe.

Safer cycling:- many more people would cycle rather than drive if they felt safe doing so.   With few, poorly-maintained cycle lanes and the roads badly potholed, cyclists can feel like they are taking their lives in their hands.  We need a usable network of safe cycleways - as a start, how about making the path alongside the River Bollin accessible to cyclists to create a safe & pleasant route from Macclesfield to Prestbury?

Recycling:- all residents - including those living in flats - should be allowed to recycle.  Cheshire East Council should work with landlords and building managers to make sure recycling facilities are available for everyone.

Protect green spaces:- instead of building shops and luxury houses all over our open spaces, we should make far more use of underused, empty and derelict buildings and other “brownfield” sites to provide affordable housing in town, near to shops, jobs and public transport.

Green councillors are not “whipped” like those of other parties - they are free to speak out and act on behalf of their constituents.

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