The proposed HS2 / HS3 link and its effects on the Lymm and Thelwall neighbourhoods.

5 August 2021

During the second half of 2020 (during the Covid-19 restrictions) plans started to emerge showing a spur off the planned HS2 route near High Legh (just south of the M56 motorway, close to Kay lane), which is labelled as the HS2 / HS3 link. The proposed route for HS3 From Liverpool, has not yet been published but this spur indicates part of the route, likely cutting through the south side of Lymm / north of High Legh.

It is likely to travel from Warrington Bank Quay through Thelwall on its way to High Legh south and Rostherne east to Manchester.

We can see from the latest maps:

The Liverpool to London lines and the overbridge across the main HS2 line from Manchester to Liverpool (Lymm and Warrington ) direction.

This is a major concern to those who live in Lymm and Thelwall as no consultation with residents has taken place.

If these plans are passed during the hybrid bill proposed to hit parliament next year then it will be too late. As this would predetermine the HS3 route (otherwise known as Northern Powerhouse Rail)

We are suggesting residents contact their MP and their local and national press to highlight the issue. With COP 26 due to take place this November the link with HS2 and climate change needs to be made. HS2 will not be carbon neutral in its entire 120 year life span.

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