About Us

The members of Cheshire East Green Party are working hard to get Greens elected. The more Greens we have sat at the decision making table, the quicker the council and the country will meet climate and nature based targets. You can also often find us with placards in hand as we campaign on local issues that matter to the residents of Cheshire East.

Our Area

Cheshire East Green Party covers all wards within the borough of Cheshire East, including the towns of Macclesfield, Wilmslow, Knutsford, High Legh, Poynton, Disley, Congleton, Holmes Chapel, Sandbach, Middlewich, Alsager, Crewe, Nantwich and Audlem.

There are four parliamentary constituencies spread across the Cheshire East borough:

To encourage local engagement and activism to ultimately meet our aim of getting Greens elected locally, there are four local campaign and social groups based on these constituencies. For more information about your local group, click the name of the constituency in which you reside. You will be able to email the group organiser.

Our Committee 

In order for the party to run smoothly, we elect a committee of dedicated volunteers at our AGM.  The committee are all Green Party members and have a range of roles, from handling enquiries from the media, to raising essential funds for our campaigns and delivering our election plans.

Our current committee were selected at our AGM in May 2024. We do have some vacancies and always need more volunteers so if you’d like to join our happy band, please get in touch.

You can contact any of our committee members by emailing welcome@cheshireeast.greenparty.org.uk please be sure to say who you want to communicate with.

Chair & Elections / Nominations Officer

Richard (Rich) McCarthy

Rich has lived in Alsager and Congleton for 16 years during which time he has been a teacher and a foster carer.

He was an active Scottish Green before that and an energy audit trainer and consultant for a National Scottish charity.

Rich is a town councillor in Alsager and stood as Congleton parliamentary candidate in July 2024

Deputy Chair & Membership Officer

Nigel Hennerley

Nigel has lived and worked in Tatton for 25 years as an insurance loss assessor and is a Parish Councillor in High Legh.

He was very active in the Stop HS2 campaign and represented High Legh and neighbouring communities in parliament as part of the enquiry and works with a social housing provider in the North West to help shape better standards and more sustainable housing.

Nigel has stood for parliament on behalf of the Greens in Tatton 3 times, most recently in July 2024.

Co-Secretary & Inclusion Officer

Amanda Iremonger

Amanda joined the Green Party in 2022 and became our local Co-Secretary within weeks of joining. She stood for CEC for Knutsford in May 2023, and was our Macclesfield candidate for Parliament in July 2024.

After raising a family and building a successful global career she is now a volunteer facilitator for an addiction recovery group in Macclesfield, has been a recent student at Macclesfield College and of course actively supports environmental activities both in Knutsford, where she lives, and in Macclesfield.


Walter Houston

Walter has been a member of the Green Party, and Cheshire East local Green Party, for 15 years, and is one of our local party’s founder members.

He has lived in Macclesfield for 16 years since retirement, and has previously held the roles of CEGP Treasurer, for a total of six years; CEGP Secretary for two years earlier in his membership and was Secretary of the North West regional Green Party between 2015 &2020.

Walter has stood as a candidate in his ward of Macclesfield Tytherington in every local election since 2015.


Ian Mumford

Ian has been a member of the Green Party for a long time. He lives in the Crewe East Ward of Crewe and was a candidate for Crewe East in last years CEC elections.

He works part-time as a building surveyor and is an active member of Crewe & Nantwich conservation volunteers.

Ian enjoys cycling.

Cheshire East Young Greens Founder

Wolfgang Wood (Congleton)

Elections Officer/ Nominations officer

Margaret (Mags) Horner

Mags joined the Green Party in 2015 having never belonged to a political party before.

She lives in central Congleton and ran an osteopathic practice for over 30 years here. She is now a clinical tutor, examiner for final clinical exams and teaches Professionalism & Reflective Practice part time.

Mags has been a trustee for a Macclesfield church ( in Central Ward) where she was also a youth club leader and co lead for Safeguarding policy. She was group coordinator of Macclesfield Conservation Volunteers for many years.

She is a keen cyclist & user of public transport and a novice allotmenteer.

Membership Officer

Carol Goodwin -Tatton

Communications Officer

Melanie (Mel) English -Crewe & Nantwich

Mel has been a Green Party member since 2015. The first and only political party membership she has ever considered. She has stood in several local elections since 2019 and was Co-chair for 2 years, standing down in 2024 to try her hand at the Comms Officer role.

Mel lives in the Crewe East ward of Crewe.

She is self employed as a Birth & Postnatal doula, supporting new families in and around Cheshire and is Vice Chair for the Central Cheshire Maternity & Neonatal Voices Partnership.

An avid reader and book lover, Mel is trying hard to buy fewer books and use the library more!

Communications Officer

Rachael Marlow – Macclesfield

Rachael recently developed an interest in contemporary UK politics and joined the Green Party in March 2024.

She has been studying international tourism and international relations for many years and is passionate about helping to build a sustainable future.

Rachael has worked with the European Commission (combating hate speech online), Development Innovation Insider, (gave expert advice for greater social impact) and The Galapagos Island’s Tourism Board (helped save endangered species). She is knowledgeable about the impact social media has on political activities such as voting, protesting and campaigning. 

She holds extensive experience working in the Spanish and English hospitality and customer service industries.

Rachael enjoys spending time with nature, travelling, writing and swimming.

Website Officer

Nick Speakman – Tatton

Nick joined the Green Party in 2019 after becoming disillusioned with being in the Labour Party. 

He lives just outside Knutsford where he is a local councillor for both Ollerton with Marthall and Little Warford Parish Councils.

A passionate advocate of green technology, he is ready and willing at the drop of a hat to extoll the virtues and bore people to tears about his solar electric system, solar hot water, air source heat pump, battery storage and electric car.

He owned a successful software business until his retirement in 2017 and now spends his time doing council work, walking his dog, sailing and cycling.

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