General Election 2024

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Richard McCarthy


Rich McCarthy has resided in Alsager and Congleton for 16 years, where he has served as a teacher and foster carer. Prior to this, he worked as an energy audit trainer and consultant for a National Scottish Charity, focusing on addressing the climate emergency. In addition to advocating for emission reduction and transitioning to electrified energy sources, Rich is dedicated to safeguarding the integrity of essential societal institutions such as the NHS, social care, social housing, nurseries, schools, colleges, universities, and councils.

Te Ata Browne

Crewe & Nantwich

I am standing for the second time as a parliamentary candidate because I want to create a better future for our community and provide people with an alternative choice. I grew up in New Zealand on Great Barrier Island, living a simple and off-grid lifestyle. This upbringing taught me to love and respect the natural environment. Coming from a line of strong feminist women, I have been inspired by their work with various organisations. My expertise lies in beekeeping and sustainable land management, where I have witnessed the importance of pollinators and the need to protect them. Living in Crewe and Nantwich has given me a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in our constituency. As a previous councillor and vice chairperson, I have gained valuable insights into local governance and effective leadership. I am dedicated to addressing social issues, particularly deprivation, and building a sustainable and inclusive society. My ambitions align with the Green Party’s values of prioritising public wellbeing over economic growth.

Amanda Iremonger


Amanda is a local resident, active in green and environmental matters and in the community
•    Council Election Candidate for Knutsford 2023
•    Born in Manchester, and a local resident since 2020
•    Facilitator for a Macclesfield addiction recovery group
•    Student at Macclesfield College
•    Volunteer Adviser for Citizens Advice 2018-2023

Amanda says:

“Whoever forms the next government will need to tackle the climate emergency:
•    switching away from oil and gas, and towards renewables; 
•    improving the energy performance of our housing (existing as well as new); and 
•    taking effective action on climate change to protect the current generation, and those yet to come.

A Vote for the Green Party is not a wasted vote!

The larger our vote, the bigger our influence, and the stronger the chance that promises made by other candidates are met, and not avoided, once they are elected.

By voting Green you can show that you share our faith that the UK is a country of good, compassionate, talented people who can solve our problems by facing them together.

Tactical voting only works if you end up with what you want. If you want a fairer, more equal society committed to addressing the climate emergency (and keeping the NHS in public ownership) you need to VOTE GREEN.

We can do better for Macclesfield, for everyone, not just the few.”

Nigel Hennerley


Nigel is a serving Parish Councillor in High Legh Cheshire and has lived in High Legh Tatton for 25 years with his wife Helen, working as an Insurance Loss Assessor.

Nigel says:

“A Vote for the Green Party is not a wasted vote!

Without you demanding change it will be more business as usual, more oil and gas from the Conservatives and a Labour Party who will not stop it.

This will be your opportunity to influence policy for all, our planet, our environment, a more sustainable future, a fairer society.

Voters are increasingly turning to the Greens because we offer a real alternative, with sensible and practical policies to tackle local and national issues such as the cost of living, the housing crisis, underfunded and run-down public services and the terrible state of our rivers.

As a Member of Parliament I would oppose the Rwanda Bill and protect vulnerable asylum seekers, support our NHS by properly funding it, and secure the investment necessary to prevent climate catastrophe.

As the appointed Vice Chair of a prominent social housing provider Voice Panel I represent the interests of social housing tenants across the North West, and work to raise standards in the sector. This has given me a very important insight into the sector and how to improve and support providing much needed safe secure homes going forward.”

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