John Knight of Macclesfield

23 March 2021

We need to protect our green spaces.

John Knight of Macclesfield

09 February 2021

A new coal mine in Cumbria is not needed.

John Knight of Macclesfield

29 December 2020

The car is still the king in Cheshire East

John Knight of Macclesfield

17 November 2020

The election of Joe Biden in the USA augers well for tackling Climate Change

John Knight of Macclesfield

06 October 2020

£100 billion a year to tackle the climate emergency? Get real!

John Knight of Macclesfield

25 August 2020

Building more roads is destroying our precious environment.

Green Party calls for change which will lead Britain to Build Back Better.

17 August 2020

If 2,500 people give £20 each we GREENS can lay the groundwork for change which will lead Britain to Build Back Better, with a Just Recovery that uplifts everyone, especially those marginalised by our systems.

John Knight of Macclesfield - Talking Politics

13 July 2020

Why are we continuing to build more roads?

Jonathan Bartley calls for a Green Recovery

06 July 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted just how trapped we are in the chaos of overlapping crises. We have been trained to address our societal issues in silos. But as Greens, we know everything is interconnected.

John Knight of Macclesfield - Talking Politics

01 June 2020

Together we can tackle the climate crisis.

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