Cheshire East Green Party’s Co-Secretary writes to the Macclesfield Express

Walter Houston recently expressed his concerns in a letter to the Macclesfield Express, highlighting the stark contrast between the past and present state of public services in the UK, emphasising the need for change and fairness in society:

Dear Editor,

Fourteen years ago, there were no NHS waiting lists, very few people needed to use food banks, child benefit was paid for all children, and on the whole our public services worked well. In the years since then the country has got richer and there are more hugely wealthy individuals. So how is it that we are told by both the Tories and Labour that we cannot afford to put all those things right again? It is obviously not going to be any use to vote Labour if we want a decent society again. Only the Green Party has the right answers, which include taxing those hugely wealthy individuals, making them pay a small proportion of their wealth back to the society that helped them to get where they now are. In Macclesfield, if you are serious about wanting a fair and decent society, your vote should go to Amanda Iremonger.

Walter Houston


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