Amanda Iremonger shares her thoughts with readers – to Vote Green:

After our meeting in Macclesfield last week, it was a delight to meet up with some Green supporters in Poynton today. If we get more people turning out each week, I will soon need to find bigger venues! I am only sorry that the toddler and the 8 month old who joined us later (with family!), are not in this happy picture.

We had an interesting discussion about the real hope of real change offered by the Greens, about whether the word “radical” is optimistic or threatening, and about why voters should not succumb to pressure to vote tactically.
If you are wondering about this too, then read on…

Some thoughts about why you should resist pressure to vote tactically:

· We need your money (with every vote we get, the more funding is received by our parliamentary party under a scheme known as Short money);

· Do we really want a huge Labour majority, or do we risk that absolute power corrupts absolutely?

· A strong surge in support for the Green party will give us more influence over the incoming government – remember that Labour has U-turned on their Green New Deal, and £28 billion commitment to climate action

· And tactical voting only works if you end up with what you want. If you want a fairer, more equal society committed to addressing the climate emergency (and keeping the NHS in public ownership) you need to VOTE GREEN.

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