Meet-the-candidate in Bollington

It was such a pleasure to get to Bollington yesterday after local residents have been asking me for quite a while when the Greens would be more visible in the town. And isn’t it a small world – one of those who came was someone I’ve met before through the charity .

I got a thorough grilling on our policies on the health service of course – including prevention and solutions for mental health issues; but also on the climate emergency. 

We cannot sustain the current focus on growth. As our manifest says, “Green MPs will change the way success is measured in our economy with new indicators that take account of the wellbeing of people and planet, and that track our progress towards building a greener and fairer future.” Personally, having worked 3-4 days per week in a successful, global business for 20 years, I am very committed to extending the four day week. So I was glad to be able to share that the UK Pilot results of the 4 day week trail are very positive, with most firms continuing the scheme after the pilot ended. Notable exceptions were those forced by the Conservative government to stop, even though their schemes had succeeded. The full report is here.

If you would like to join the debate I’ll be in Disley and Sutton next weekend, and we have our Macclesfield hustings. Do come along. Full details here:

And then July 4th will be here – VOTE GREEN!


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