Knutsford Guardian discuss Tatton candidates

Nigel Hennerley is the first to be discussed of the 5 candidates for the Tatton constituency on this news article on the Knutsford Guardian website…

Nigel said: “I have lived in Tatton for over thirty years and serve as a Parish Councillor in High Legh.

“I joined the Green Party in 2014, and in 2019, I gave an information event to the leaders of Cheshire East Council ahead of the release of their Environmental Strategy.

“Today I am a member of the National Green Party Climate Emergency Policy Working Group and we work to inform the Green Party policy and our manifesto for this election regards climate change.

“In High Legh, I chair our climate and environment working group. Together we encourage change and take action for our environment.

“As the appointed vice chair of a prominent social housing provider, Voice Panel, I represent the interests of social housing tenants across the North West, and work to raise standards in the sector.

“This has given me a very important insight into how to improve and support providing much-needed safe, secure homes going forward.

“I gave evidence on three occasions to the Commons Select Committee hearings against HS2, and presented a report to the prime minister shortly before its cancellation.

“A vote for the Green Party is not a wasted vote. Without you demanding change it will be more business as usual. This will be your opportunity to influence policy for our planet, our environment, a more sustainable future, a fairer society.

“Voters are increasingly turning to the Greens because we offer a real alternative, with sensible and practical policies to tackle local and national issues such as the cost of living and the housing crisis. 

“Labour has cut its green investment plans by half. By voting Labour we are saying we are okay with this. Only by voting Green can we influence the change we need.”


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