VoteClimate endorses Green Party climate policies

VoteClimate conducted an extensive analysis of the climate impacts of various party manifestos for the upcoming general election. The Green Party emerged as the clear leader, with the potential to save 3,700 MtCO2e (metric tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent) by 2050, followed by the Liberal Democrats, Labour, and Conservatives with 1,100, 650, and 18 MtCO2e saved respectively. It is also not a surprise that the Green Party came top by a country-mile and would give the UK a decent chance of achieving its Net Zero target, provided its policies are strengthened still further.

In their assessment of Party Manifestos – Climate Comparison, they have evaluated the impact of parties’ manifestos on climate change. The Green party has been rated as very good, followed by the Lib Dems as good, Labour as underwhelming, and others as hopeless.

Sources: VoteClimate: Party Manifestos – Climate Comparison   VoteClimate: Party Manifestos vs Net Zero

VoteClimate encourages voters to Vote Green in Cheshire East!

For more information on each of the four candidate’s endorsements click the link below:

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VoteClimate: Crewe and Nantwich Constituency 2024

VoteClimate: Tatton Constituency 2024

VoteClimate: Macclesfield Constituency 2024


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