General Election results - Cheshire East

9 June 2017

In the face of a "presidential"-style campaign by the bigger parties and most of the national media, presenting the election as a gladiatorial hand-to-hand contest between the Conservative & Labour leaders, our four Cheshire East candidates received 4021 votes in total. In Crewe & Nantwich, our decision not to stand a candidate contributed decisively to the defeat of the Conservatives, who lost by 48 votes.

Well done to all our candidates - James Booth in Macclesfield, Nigel Hennerley in Tatton, Alec Heath in Congleton and Mark Green in Eddisbury - and to all our members and supporters who donated so much money, time and effort towards keeping the Green alternative in front of the people of Cheshire East. While many of our supporters "lent" their votes to Labour this time, more people than ever now know and understand our distinctive politics and we will be better-placed than ever before to make gains in the next local elections, scheduled for 2019.

For full results, see Cheshire East Council's website.

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