Melanie English is the Green Party's candidate in the Crewe East by-election

25 September 2017

A Cheshire East Council by-election in the Crewe East ward has been set for Thursday 5th October. The Green Party candidate is local activist Melanie English.

Melanie says:

“I have been a member of the Green Party since just before the 2015 General Election, which then coincided with our local town and county borough elections. That was my first venture in standing for public office so you may have seen my name before on the ballot slip. I’m honoured to be standing for the Green Party again in this local by-election.

“I’ve lived in Crewe for 12 years, since moving from Berkshire. I am married and have 3 children and a stepdaughter, all of whom have been educated at various levels in the area. My youngest son was born in Leighton Hospital 10 years ago.

“Were I to be fortunate enough to win this council seat, then I would apply myself to any issues presented with enthusiasm, considering the Green Party ethos of practical sustainability and compassion.  My own local political interests generate the following “manifesto” for Crewe:

- to promote the urgent regeneration of Crewe Town Centre

- to protect and improve our already excellent local maternity services

- to support the provision of excellent Mental Health services in our local area

- to improve local education provision and funding

- to improve end of life/social care in the area

- to promote ethical, honest & open local government

- pursue the investigation of recent air quality reporting issues and the associated practical issues around our actual local air quality

- ensure that HS2, if it must happen, is planned and constructed with as little damage to wildlife and habitats as possible

- ensure support and respect for vulnerable groups of people in our community.

“My working history ranges from charitable to public sector organisations and most recently, for myself and as a volunteer for a new local charity. I have a Masters in Business Administration, and have been a governor of my kids’ primary school. That, together with my work experience in the public sector, gives me the experience and the confidence to put myself forward for this public service position.  

“I am personally passionate about maternity issues and practically supporting women and families. I am an Ofsted registered childminder and a mentored Birth and Postnatal Doula. I have recently become involved in supporting Motherwell, a new local charity and have subsequently developed a particular interest in supporting positive mental health, for mothers in the pre- and postnatal periods but also for our young people and the wider population.

“When I have a minute to spare, I enjoy reading widely, cooking and baking, being outside with my kids, gardening, social media (I can’t deny it) and occasionally writing stuff. I blog very sparingly at but may be inclined to blog more if I’m successful in this election!”
For the result, see Cheshire East Council's website.


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