Gina Dowding, newly elected Green MEP for North West England, says thank you.

28 June 2019

Here in our North West region we face many challenges both environmental and social; from a lack of safety for cyclists to air pollution that went unchecked due to falsification of figures; from the push for fracking and for gas storage in our salt mines to a complete lack of passion for renewables and poor public transport. Then there’s HS2 and Brexit.

Yes - lots to be done but there’s a huge impetus to do it.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the 14,230 Cheshire East residents who voted Green (more than for Tories or Labour) in the European Elections, and made clear that the environment matters as does social justice.

In the North West, the Green Party gained 216,581 votes – a significant increase since the last European elections in 2014.

As I formally now start my role this week, I feel empowered in my work as an MEP because I know I am representing many, like the majority here in Macclesfield, who voted to Remain part of Europe. For those who voted Leave, I am working hard on the issues that caused discontent.

My key priority is to challenge the climate crisis which requires urgent attention. With more than 70 other MEPs in the Green Group in the European Parliament, I will work towards building momentum for a Green New Deal, which would help tackle the climate emergency with sensible and positive solutions.

We want to see massive job creation here in the North West in green industries, energy efficient homes, sustainable public transport – helping to achieve a better environment, a fairer economy and to stamp out inequality.

I’m honoured to have been elected as a representative for our corner of England and to work for our positive and progressive vision.

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Greens challenge Energy Secretary after shock revelation from frackers Cuadrilla

Green Party of England and Wales co-leader Jonathan Bartley has today (21 June) sent a letter (below) to Greg Clarke MP, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, to highlight the Party’s far-reaching concerns for the safety of the local community in the vicinity of Cuadrilla’s exploratory fracking site at Preston New Road in Lancashire.

The letter follows a meeting between Bartley and two directors from Cuadrilla, where he put questions from the community to them. Bartley is concerned both by the lack of information about emergency plans provided to the residents and by significant questions over whether or not there is even an evacuation plan in the event of a well blow out or other accident.

Bartley said:

“We’re calling on the Secretary not to make a decision over whether to grant a licence to frack until the matter has been investigated thoroughly and safety concerns are addressed. The fact that local residents don’t even know if there’s even a proper plan in place for emergencies - let alone evacuation - is deeply concerning.

“It would be completely unacceptable and be playing fast and loose with people’s safety to ignore these issues. The Secretary of State clearly shouldn’t make a decision on whether Cuadrilla should be allowed to frack until these serious questions are answered and the concerns of local people are addressed.”

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