Green Party publishes its Election Manifesto

19 November 2019

The time to vote Green is now.

We know these are dark days. The threat of Brexit hangs over us and our democracy is under attack. Above all, the climate and environmental emergency rages from the Amazon to the Arctic. The science is clear – the next ten years are probably the most important in our history.

At this time of crisis, we cannot go on as we are. If ever there was a time to vote Green, it’s now. We want to unleash a revolution that lifts up everyone. Our plan for a Green New Deal, and four related programmes of reform, will transform the UK and improve the quality of everyone’s lives by creating a safer, fairer future for all.

We are the only party you can trust to

  • Act in time to tackle the Climate Emergency in a way that also tackles pressing social problems.
  • Stand up for remaining part of Europe and for a final say on Brexit, whilst at the same time tackling the underlying reasons why many people voted to leave.
  • Fix our broken democracy, by sharing power as well as wealth more equally, so that we can all be heard.

The Green Party has always been on the right side of history and you can trust us to get the future right too.The choices we make now matter like never before. The UK needs a new start.

Click here to view the Green Party Election Manifesto

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