John Knight's June 2021 Talking Politics column for Macclesfield Express

13 June 2021

Firstly, a big “thank you” to the 626 residents of central Macclesfield who voted for me to represent them on the Town Council in last month’s by-election. Although we Greens didn’t win this time, we once again mounted a strong challenge to take second place, with over 30% of the vote. 

Congratulations to my successful Labour opponent. Councillor Livingstone - as well as our other Town and Borough Councillors - will need to take notice of a large Green groundswell of opinion in Macclesfield. They must take on board that residents want to see:- 

Safer speed limits on our crowded streets - our local councillors should be urging Cheshire East to adopt a genuine “20’s Plenty” policy, rather than their current piecemeal approach;

Safer cycling - provision ranges from abysmal to non-existent, with the Middlewood Way the only safe cycling route in Macclesfield.

Recycling for all - councillors should be urging ANSA to work with landlords and building managers to ensure that flat-dwellers have the same access to kerbside recycling as other residents, rather than having to throw all their rubbish down a chute to go to landfill;

Better buses - with local public transport largely reduced to a skeleton service (or even less), Macclesfield Town Council - along with neighbouring towns and parishes - should make a strong case for restoring bus services, not just around town, but also linking with other local communities;

Access for all to renewable energy - tenants cannot install roof solar panels without the owner’s permission; the Town Council could take a lead by bringing landlords (social and private) together with tenants’ groups to work out the best way of enabling this to happen. This might involve some kind of joint approach with costs and benefits being shared between landlords and tenants.

Councillors, Macclesfield deserves better than “business as usual” - will you deliver?


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