Green Councillors in Cheshire East

Mayor Hilary

In 2015, the Green Party increased its number of councillors on Alsager town council to two.  You can keep in touch with their activity via their Facebook Group

Cllr Hilary Robinson

Hilary has served on Alsager town council since 2011, representing the Central Ward. In 2015, she increased her vote share and was re-elected to serve a further 4-year term. In June 2016, Hilary was appointed Chair of Alsager Town Council, the first ever Green Party member to hold the position. She is pictured above with her Consort, Chris Sandrawich.



Cllr Jane Smith

Jane was elected onto Alsager Town Council, represting West ward, in May 2015. In September 2017, she announced her resignation from the Green Party.  We thank her for her hard work both in the community and on the council during her time as a Green Party representative.



Cllr Kakoli Chaudhuri

Also in 2015, Kakoli Pratim Chaudhuri was elected - unopposed - as the first Green on Chelford Parish Council. Kakoli later resigned her position as she moved away from the area for personal reasons.