Green Councillors in Cheshire East


Cheshire East Borough Council

Cheshire East Borough Council is served by 82 councillors. The whole council is elected every 4 years. The next election is due in May 2023. Join us now and help us to get our first Cheshire East green councillor elected.


Town and Parish Councillors

There are a total of 11 town councils and 97 parish councils throughout Cheshire East. Elections for all councils are held every 4 years to coincide with borough elections. If there are mid-term vacancies, town and parish councils are entitled to co-opt new councillors.  Quite often town and parish councils are under subscribed and elections do not take place.


Green Party Town and Parish Councillors


Te Ata Browne - Crewe Green Parish Council
Richard McCarthy - Haslington Parish Council
Green Party Members who are independent Town and Parish Councillors
Richard Barraclough - Chorley Parish Coucil


Nigel Hennerley - High Legh Parish Coucil
Nick Speakman - Ollerton with Marthall Parish Coucil